Life Sciences

Use our digital biomarkers to increase trial success
and drive drug commercialization

  • Automate and optimize key data/imaging trial assessments
  • Promote new therapeutic products with digital biomarker co-commercialization
  • Stratify completed trial data to build new biomarkers to drive success in future trials

Healthcare Providers

Translate Data Science Projects into Commercial Products

  • Accelerate development and clinical translation of your most meaningful data sets and data science projects into regulated, commercial-grade digital biomarkers.
  • Enhance performance and extend use of your internal machine learning and radiomics algorithms for early disease recognition and better disease classification and stratification.

About Us

imvaria was founded in 2019 by a team of physician-engineers from Stanford and Google, seeking to empower clinicians and improve patient outcomes through the development and application of modern computer science techniques to complex and serious clinical problems. The company's Digital Biomarker Platform enables non-invasive diagnostic and therapeutic patient stratification via data science and machine learning.

Management Team
Co-Founder Dr. Joshua Reicher
Prior experience includes work in Google's AI group, multiple publications in machine learning in medicine, and extensive experience writing code. Dr. Reicher is on clinical faculty as a radiologist and computer science researcher at Stanford / Palo Alto VA.
Co-Founder Dr. Michael Muelly
Prior experience includes work as a Product Manager at Google Cloud's Healthcare group, co-founding of both imaging and network security start-ups, and extensive experience writing code. Dr. Muelly is on clinical faculty as a radiologist and computer science researcher at Stanford.